Whether the sun shines or not!

I love it when the weather changes, and I know I am not the only one. It motivates me to get moving instead of sitting in the chair, with my computer in my lap, facebook loaded but not posting anything, re-reading things I have already read three, maybe four times as I toggle back and forth between that, and my blog where I have nothing to write about so it just stares at me, blank page taunting. The longer I sit the more tired I get. The more unmotivated I feel to get up and move. Do the dishes, the laundry, something!!!!

The last couple days the temperature has been higher. The sun has been shining and I am anxious to get up and go!  This morning, I had breakfast, made the bed, a task I don’t mind but find pointless since I will be redoing it all tonight, but when you live in a camper, leaving the bed down takes up way to much space. Washed clothes, and dishes, not at the same time nor in the same water, and went for a mile walk. I feel good today. Chipper. Ready to take on the world, and excited to go to book club and do other things!

Perspective means a lot. I could make the sun shine on cloudy days, maybe not literally but figuratively, but changing my attitude and making myself move and feel like I do when it is actually shining. It helps when you have people around who make you happy and motivated, so hang on tight to those who do that for you! (shout out! you know who you are!)

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