Two days now I have sat here and opened up this blank page to write and for two days I can not think of one interesting thing to say. I read other people’s blogs and I am like, “Wow, that is really good, and profound, and why the heck can’t I write like that?” There is so much going on in the world right now so yes I could write about how I feel about it, but who wants to read that? We see enough bad, just turn on the news! No point in rehashing.  The Olympics…..I like the skating. So, there ya go! It’s like the cursor on Facebook blinking at me saying …”What’s on your mind Christine?” Well, I don’t know or I would tell you! Leave me alone!! Too much pressure!!! Maybe I need to leave the house more so I can do things and actually have something to write about…, there’s an idea! Or is it interesting to know that we went grocery shopping, which I strongly dislike doing, that we bought 17 bags of self rising flour for a charitable donation today, and went for a two mile walk. Ate dinner and fell asleep on the couch while reading a book. Calm down, dear reader!! I can feel the excitement as your reading this! Or is that snoring I hear?…..Maybe I can come up with something brilliant and profound tomorrow. It is another day after all!

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