The Inevitable!

I am getting older now and with that certain things change. Much to my dismay, let me tell ya! My stomach tends to be much touchier, which I hate because I love food. My temper has always been short, like me, as my son would say, because that’s what all his jokes are based around where I am concerned. But, now things to set me off a little faster and in a more intense fashion. Explosive might be a good way of putting it. I try to tame it down, but it’s literally an everyday battle. All these things I can deal with. But I am experiencing something here that I dislike much more than the things I have already listed. I feel like I am on fire from the inside out! I don’t have to be doing anything at all, just sitting in my favorite chair and all sudden I feel like my face is going to explode. Like someone filled my veins with gasoline and lit a match. Not to mention waking up sweaty. Yes, I realize it’s been warmer out lately, but I sleep in a camper and it’s not exactly hot out there. I know this goes along with getting older, and being a woman. But nobody said I had to be happy about it!

On the upside. I don’t actually have a problem with it, number wise. I know it’s inevitable.  and there isn’t anything I can do to stop it. So, I have resigned myself to be okay with it because lots of good comes from getting older. The kids are older and even though they will always need us, they don’t need us for every little thing like they did when they were small. Now I can leave the house without worrying about them. Free’s me to take on new things, go new places and sometimes by myself! Actually have conversations with them that adults would have, (cuz they are a lot smarter than I am)..and as much as I want to keep them with me forever, I look forward to seeing what they do when they are all grown up. What kind of career they take on, what the world opens up to them, and what it opens up to me. Like maybe not being so reclusive.

So, getting older isn’t all that bad. But I would like to put out the fire!

One thought on “The Inevitable!

  1. a fire like that is caused because the person has so much intelligence and love. It cannot be contained or put out. Maybe controlled to a degree.


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