They grow up so fast!

Nothing to exciting to report on my end of the world…just a bunch of the same. To cold to be out in Camper Land, so we stole out son’s bed, much to his dismay. He’ll get over it or we will freeze. Then he would be without clean clothes, food, and go outside without his shoes on, half naked. He’s just that kind of kid..Smart but sometimes lacking in the common sense department. (I think he gets if from his dad but don’t tell him I said that =-) )….Our daughter is the polar opposite. At a very mature seventeen, she is the adult of the family while the rest of us act like we don’t have a damn clue. She tells us when we are doing something wrong, when we shouldn’t say the things we do, which is quite often, and what’s right and what’s wrong. Not that we don’t know, it’s just sometimes we don’t care. And she does it from such a pure, you should do right and be good people, place. She amazes me. Both of them do.

But nobody tells you how hard it’s going to be raising kids and if you do it right, they turn out to be self sufficient adults who are kind and caring people. Or how hard it’s going to be when they “leave the nest” for the first time. Are they warm enough, have they eaten, are they okay, is something going on they haven’t told their parents about because they are adults now and they don’t want to make us worry? UGGG! The thought terrifies me. I know it’s right around the corner. But I don’t have to like it!

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