Roller Coasters & Love

Anyone who has ever been in love, knows how wonderful it is, and how many things go into actually having it happen. First you have to find the right person. A very important starting point, otherwise the whole thing is moot. After that, you spend time together. Getting to know that person. Their likes, dislikes. Favorite color, and foods. How many things you have in common until you are so comfortable around that person, you feel like you can talk to, and say anything to them. You find yourself wondering what they are doing when your not with them. Are they thinking about you as much as you think about them? The butterflies take flight in your stomach and you smile at the mere thought of seeing them again. You share thoughts, feelings, laughs and tears, and eventually a first kiss. They become your best friend. Your rock,  until it becomes to hard to be away from them for any amount of time.

Love is one of the most  wonderful roller coasters of life a person could ever ride on. All the ups, downs, twists and turns,  are well worth the if you have the right person to ride it with.

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