Daily Prompt: Dominant

via Daily Prompt: Dominant

I read the hints on the daily prompts article and decided to just run with whatever goes through my head.

So the only thing I can think of when I see the word dominant is strong. Dominant male. Why? I guess because that’s how I have always heard it used. Then a pride of lions comes to mind (it is a pride right? I guess I could have looked that up). The big bad male that struts around like he’s the biggest baddest dude in the neighborhood. With his “don’t mess with this”persona. (No offense to the men.)….protecting his “ladies” from harm and other males who might be sniffing around. Then the fight ensues. Two males all tangled up snarling, biting, and fighting, dust flying everywhere. The  dominant one wins, and life backs back to normal while the other lion slinks off in shame plopping himself down under a shade tree to plan his next battle.

So, that is where my writer’s brain took this prompt..Don’t ask me why. I have no idea…No great message or word of advice. Just a random, off the top of my head post!

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