Book Review


It all ends with a murder, or was it an accident? I didn’t see anything? Did you?

Jane is new in town and starting her son Ziggy at a new school. Celeste and Madeline are also mother’s who have children starting at the same school in the same class. The three woman become fast friends and bond over the playground politics of the other mothers, one especially who’s daughter accused Ziggy of choking her. But did Ziggy really do what he was accused of? He seems like such a sweet little boy. The whole situation escalates over  the next few months only to come to a head at the one of the biggest events of the school year. Trivia night. Where parents get way to drunk, secrets are revealed, and people die!

“Big Little Lies” is yet another one of Liane Moriarity page turners that keeps you flipping pages right to the end. I have yet to read one by her I haven’t liked and I hope I never do. It’s suspenseful, and frustrating at the same time! Highly recommended.

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