Book Review

1964 in small town of Zepyr in Southern Alabama, eleven year old Cory awakes to another normal day. First he will help his dad with his milk route and then it’s off to school, and hanging out with his three best friends. But this day turned out to be anything but normal when they witness  a car flying over a cliff and into the lake, with a man at the wheel. Despite his best efforts, Cory’s dad couldn’t save him, and it haunted him for a long time, eventually leading him to the one person he is hesitant to turn to. Unfortunately for them, that was just the beginning of many strange goings on in their little town and a mystery that slowly unfolds and keeps the reader guessing right to the end.

I have read many books in my life, many of which I thought were the best ones I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying, but in my humble opinion, this one shoots to the top of that list. It has a “Stand By Me” feel to it, (without all the bad language), and reads like it’s not just a story but an actual account of someone (perhaps the author) that actually had these very experiences.  “Boy’s Life” by Robert McCammon was a wonderful read and I was sorry that, like all good books, it had to end.



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