“Turtles All The Way Down” John Green

Book Review

Aza is a teenager with a severe and sometimes crippling mental illness. Daisy is her biggest fan, and greatest supporter next to her mother. When one of the biggest millionaires in town goes missing, Daisy has the bright idea to try to solve the mystery themselves for the reward money that would change their lives. They reach out to the son, Davis, who Daisy went to camp with, but the more they delve into the situation the more personal it becomes.

First let me say that I loved this book. The way Green wrote it, you can’t help but feel everything that Aza is going through and how much she struggles with what is wrong with her and how much she wishes to me “normal.” and do the “normal” things that people do and feel.  Not to mention the undeniable and unbreakable bond that Aza and Daisy have. This is a YA book but one that adults and teenagers alike should read. It is a real eye opener to how severe mental illness can affect someone and those around them.

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