Ya bunch of big heads!

“Anger, hostility toward’s the oppositions.” Rage against the Machine. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Rage was known for their very loud and very opinionated political views. Unfortunately they no longer make music together due to creative differences.

I have political views and opinions too but I prefer to keep them to myself, so this particular quote has a different meaning for me. It is a hostility to a person or people who have the power to ruin a good thing for someone simply because of the job they have, the huge ego that goes along with said job or because they are simply having a bad day. In the particular case I am speaking of, it is an inspector who checked out house because we had an offer on it, and that was the next step. I am not mad at him for doing his job. For listing all the things that are wrong. I am not so naive to think that there wouldn’t be something wrong that we would have to fix. It’s an old farmhouse. Of course the foundation is going to have shifted so the house is going to slope some. The other stuff was all little easy to fix things. So, in that aspect he did his job. However, he is not suppose to give his personal opinion on these things. He made a list. I can deal with a list. In fact I do quite well with lists, I make them all time. What I can’t handle is that he  literally put “run away.” as the last thing thing. Run away…then he proceeded to tell the potential buyer to not buy the house because it was unsafe. That is not your job! Not to mention the fact that we have lived in it for the last twelve years, safe and sound. Where does this dude get off. I wonder what he was thinking when typed that. Didn’t he know that it wasn’t the right thing to do, or did he just not care? Did he know that he could get in trouble for the way he worded the things he said, or did he just not care? I am not a stupid person. I have looked at plenty of  other houses that have been in much worse conditions than ours and sold, which means they passed the inspection. Did he give any thought to the ramifications of the way he worded his report? He cost us the sale of our house and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it! So I have hostility and he is my opposition.

People in high positions take advantage of those who are under them. Treat them like something nasty on the bottom of their shoes. Police officers use their power to do pretty much what ever when ever they want to because, really, who is going to go against a cop, and end up in jail or worse. Health inspectors come in, and nit pick over small things just to have something to write down on their little report, all while talking down to you. And you can’t say anything to them because they have the power to give you a low score and hurt your business. Inspectors can come in and mark you down on everything possible and make you lose the sale of your house by making it out to be much worse than it actually is, because they wield that power. It’s not right and it makes me very angry! I do not think that everyone in a high position is corrupt. I know there are good people out there. So, what do you do to the people who do things like this. Report them. To their higher ups or whoever you need to report them to. You may not get the results you need, or even deserve, but at least they know that someone isn’t going to take their crap lying down, and give them the impression that they can get away with it! Stand up for yourself! Rattle the cage if it needs rattling!

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