“The Woman In Cabin 10”

If you had to choose one thing you would say you are obsessed with, what would it be? My answer is easy. Books. I read them, I attempt to write them, I buy them, I stack them up for later, and I buy some more. I go to three different book groups. One for a reading challenge through our local Library, one meets once a month, and one that meets every quarter.I am thinking  maybe obsessed isn’t even strong enough of a word. I read pretty much anything from Stephen King, (my all time favorite) to Nicolas Sparks and just about everything in between. However, I do not do Harlequin romance, or Fifty Shades of anything. Not my cup of tea, or coffee, since I prefer that anyway. The scarier, or suspenseful the better! Speaking of which…..

“The Woman In Cabin 10” is an amazingly, grab you by the nose, and won’t let go kind of book. The kind of page turner that will keep you reading cover to cover in one sitting, if you have the time and life doesn’t get in your way. This is a must read for those of you who like crazy, what the heck is really going on kind of read! The main character is a quiet, stand offish, need to grow a pair kind of woman who wants to prove herself as a magazine journalist to her boss. So, she takes a job doing a story about the maiden voyage of a boat named the Aurora, and the high society people on it. When she gets woken from a deep sleep from a sound she is at first unsure of, she gets up to investigate. From that point on, and without giving anything away, her journey on the boat becomes more of a nightmare than anything, and she has to figure out how and if she can get away.

I loved this book! Her writing style was easy to follow, and the story itself just sucked me in. I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more of her books.

Happy Reading!


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